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The Summer of “Impossible” Things

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Starting in middle school, about a month before school ended, I would make a list of “impossible” things that I wanted to achieve that summer. Usually, I tried to make the list at least 10 items long and my goal was always to complete the list and write about them in my journals as I went. Middle school was a hard time for me (and everyone else on the planet). I was struggling in finding […]

59 Ways to Celebrate Your Life

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In honor of my April blog “Celebrate Life!”, I compiled a list of things you can do to actively celebrate the life you are living right now. If you haven’t read it, check it out or simply read through the list below.  There should be something for everyone! Celebrate Your Health Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash Donate canned or shelf stable food that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle any more to an organization that […]

Celebrate Life!

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In January, I prayerfully sat down and wrote out my blog post schedule along with monthly topics and outlined writing plans for the year trying to really listen to what I was called to write.  I was excited about 2019 and ready to really lean into my Chicky-Mama blog.  Little did I know that the next three months (especially March) was going to hit me like a ton of bricks.  What started out to be […]

Chicky Mama’s ULTIMATE Fall Bucket List For You And Your Young Kids

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As a stay at home mom, I’ve found that the days go easier if they are kept relatively full. Toddlers, or at least my toddler, start acting like POWs when spending more than 6 hours at home.  My toddler is happiest when we are outside, playing with friends or in a new environment.  This gets increasingly difficult as the temperature starts to drop.  In Colorado, the weather in the fall can be kind of unpredictable, […]

Seven Soups For Fall

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Fall is my favorite season.  Have I mentioned that enough, yet?  Here in Colorado the temperature has really taken a dip (I don’t think it went above 40 degrees yesterday!) and that gets me in the mood for one thing: soup.  I think I’ve made about 6 giant pots since fall first started and I have plans to make at least four more with all the harvest my family has been blessed with! That means […]

Florence Brewing Company Octoberfest and Other Adventures in Florence

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Ah, Fall!  This is my absolute favorite time of year.  The weather has finally started to cool down and the leaves are making their last dazzling show before winter settles in.  This autumn has been crazy busy for our little family.  Between my first foray into Colorado gardening, a new exercise program (more on that later), tending to chickens and chasing around my soon-to-be two-year-old (WOW!  Time has flown!), my husband and I have barely […]

10 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Own Backyard Chicken Flock

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Backyard Farming

1. Fresh Eggs (and Meat) So, this reason seems fairly obvious and is the reason why many people who have their own flock started in the first place. Fresh eggs, particularly, has been a huge perk in having chickens for our family (our neighborhood zone doesnt allow culling so we don’t get meat from our chickens). The eggs we get from our hens just taste better than store bought, and we know they are fresh […]

Welcome to Chicky Mama!

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Hello and Welcome to Chicky Mama! This blog is for lovers of life, the outdoors, travel, kids, creativity, and chickens (not necessarily in that order).  Ultimately this blog is about living life to its fullest where you are in life.   I hope to convince you that you don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy your home, your kids or even your backyard.  I hope this blog will inspire you to do the things […]